The Winnipeg Singers have recorded three CDs, "Single Bells", "O Praise ye the Lord", and "Prairie Voices" available for $20 per CD.




SEASON 43 - 2015/16

Concert I: He Said/She Said: Men and Women of the Winnipeg Singers 

October, 2015

SEASON 42 - 2014/15

Concert III: Speechless: Songs Without Words 

March, 2015

SEASON 42 - 2014/15

Concert IV: Singers' Choice 2 

April, 2015


SEASON 41 - 2013/14

Concert III: Icons & Incense IV: Music of the Orthodox Tradition 

February, 2014




Choral Odyssey (2011)

COMPOSER: Sid Robinovitch
PERFORMED BY: The Winnipeg Singers
PRODUCED BY: Dan Donahue
MASTERING: Howard Rissin
FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Manitoba Film and Music

TENOR SOLOIST: P.J. Buchan (11)
CHOIR: Pembina Trails Voices Boys Choir (14)
PIANO: Verna Wiebe
PERCUSSION: Tony Cyre (2, 4, 11, 12, 13, 14)
CLARINET: Sharon Atkinson (5)
STRINGS: Members of the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra (11)

1. Noche de Lluvia | Rainy Night
2. Sensemayá | Chant for killing a snake
3. Olvido | Oblivion
6. Morena | The Burnette
7. Ir Me Quero La Mi Madre | I must Go Wandering, O my mother
8. Cuando El Rey Nimrod | When King Nimrod Rode Out
9. I Call Forth the Song
10. Souls, Were Have You Gone?
12. Hymn of Confidence
13. Hymn of Longing  
14. Hymn of Glory

Single Bells

Swingle Bells (2008)

Swingle Bells is an eclectic recording for the Christmas season: The disc opens with a blend of traditional and new carol arrangements, both festive and reflective, by Canadian composers: Andrew Ager, Robert Anderson, Stephen Chatman, Eleanor Daley, Robert Evans, Alexander Tilley, Peter Togni, Graeme Wearmouth, and Healey Willan. The only exception is /Laudate Dominium/ by French composer Arthur Honegger. The second half offers nine wonderful sets of carols by Ward Swingle. In total, twenty-three carols from around the world are heard as The Winnipeg Singers bop through these cool jazz arrangements. Winnipeg jazz icon, Ron Paley, and his Trio are support musicians on all the Swingle tracks.


  1. Ring-a the News - Robert Evans

  2. In the Bleak Mid-Winter - Alexander Tilley

  3. Gabriel's Message - Eleanor Daley

  4. A Christmas Lullaby - Stephen Chatman

  5. In dulci jubilo - Andrew Ager

  6. Of the Father's Love Begotten - Peter Togni

  7. Huron Carol - arr. Robert Anderson

  8. Christmas Lullaby - Graeme Wearmouth

  9. Christmas Song of the 14th Century - Healy Willan

  10. Laudate Dominium - Arthur Honegger

  11. - 19. Swingle Bells


O Praise Ye the Lord

O Praise ye the Lord (1997)

This disc brings together hymns, anthems and prayers from various traditions. A tapestry of praise is woven, whose many colours and textures reflect a myriad of approaches to God. Majestic hymns by Goss and Parry, dressed in new descants, are contrasted by Mennonite Kernlieder, whose powerful intimacy speaks from the very heart. The jubilant cry of William Mathias’ Let the People Praise Thee, written for the wedding of Charles and Diana, stands beside the quiet yearning of Fauré’s Cantique de Jean Racine. Mendelssohn’s Hear my Prayer, with its sublime combination of soprano solo and chorus builds on the harmonic textures of Schubert’s devotional Mass in F, with its glowing inner voices.


1. O Praise ye the Lord - C.H.H. Parry
2-5. Mass in F (Deutsche Messe) - Franz Schubert
6. Psalm 84: Cantique de Jean Racine - Gabriel Fauré
7. Let the People Praise Thee O God - William Mathias
8. God so Loved the World - W.H. Belyea
9-14. Variations on “In dulci jubilo” - Denis Bédard
15-24. Mennonite Hymns (Kernlieder)
15. O du Liebe Hernhaag 1735
16-18. Liebe, die du mich zum Bilde - Johann G. Naumann
19-21. So nimm denn meine Hände - Friedrich Silcher
22-24. Wehrlos und verlassen - W. Warren Bentley
25. Jerusalem - C.H.H. Parry
26-27. Hear my Prayer - Felix Mendelssohn
28. Praise, my soul, the King of Heaven - John Goss
29. Shalom rav - Ben Steinberg
30-32. American Folk Hymns
30-31. Lord, whose Love - B. F. White
32. On Jordan’s Stormy Banks - Folk Hymn 


Prairie Voices

Prairie Voices (1998)

We prairie folk are a singing people. What better way to while away the long winters than to rehearse and perform choral music? It brings us together with others in pursuit of a common goal. It exercises our crative imaginations and gives us a ready excuse for a party. Our love of music, our many ethnic backgrounds (each with its own choral tradition), our love of harmony and our love of good company have left us with a rich choral soil. Out of such soil spring composers and it is their voices that we want to celebrate in this recording. Each of the composers heard on this recording grew up on the prairies and each brings something unique to the choral palette. Whether it’s folk song settings, new sacred works or experiments in sound, they have given us the distilled essence of their own prairie experience and done us proud in the process.


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