Mission & Board

Mission Statement

The Winnipeg Singers is a professional choir dedicated to choral excellence through diverse programming and collaboration.


The primary purpose of The Winnipeg Singers includes:

  1. To connect with an ever increasing audience by performing a wide range of repertoire, performed at the highest level.

  2. Within that repertoire, to commission, promote and perform music by Canadian and by Manitoba composers during our annual four concert season produced in Winnipeg. To premiere other new works and perform a variety of works by Canadian and Manitoba composers.

  3. To collaborate with other artistic groups in Winnipeg and beyond.

  4. To nurture talent within the choir.

  5. To represent Winnipeg, Manitoba and Canada as we tour provincially , nationally and internationally.

  6. To impact Winnipeg’s choral community and specifically young singers, by giving the opportunity to attend and perform at Winnipeg Singers concerts. To provide mentorship for Winnipeg’s young singers by giving opportunity for them to collaborate with Yuri Klaz and The Winnipeg Singers.

  7. To reflect the diverse cultural backgrounds represented by our audience through programming and performing choral works that reflect these backgrounds, inclusive of Aboriginal peoples.


  1. To continue to be one of the finest choral ensembles in the country, based on the quality of our programming and performance.

  2. To expand our role of mentorship by providing increasingly more outreach to schools and young singers.

  3. To continue to impact on the artistic community by collaborations with groups, and with guest artists of national and international stature. To be successful in this vision The Winnipeg Singers is hopeful of more financial support so we can hire high profile guest artists.

  4. To expand our commissions by doing one each year, offering opportunity to Canadian composers. To be successful in attaining this vision The Winnipeg Singers is hopeful of more financial support.

  5. To increase our season by adding more performances. To be successful in attaining this vision again we are hopeful of increased funding.

  6. To raise financial compensation to singers and to staff. Increased compensation will allow us to achieve some of our other goals by increasing the commitment to the choir from singers and increasing the time commitment of staff. In order to achieve this we require increased financial support.

  7. To represent Winnipeg, Manitoba and Canada by touring regularly; provincially, nationally and internationally, thus raising the profile of the choir and increasing commitment.

  8. To continue to perform new works by Canadian performers. To continue to program works that reflect the varied cultural backgrounds of our audience, including that of Aboriginal peoples.

  9. To increase our impact on social media in order to expand our audience and to connect with our existing audience.


Board Of Directors

Ron Lambert, Board Chair
Brad DeRyck, Treasurer
Catherine Enns, Vice Chair
Vic Hooper, Marketing
Bruce Waldie, Choir President
Jodie Borle, Choir Representative
Brian Marchylo, MAL
Noreen Gafic, MAL
Pat Wray, Executive Director
Yuri Klaz, Artistic Director


Board Meetings

Meetings usually occur on the first Thursday of the month, 5:00pm at First Mennonite Church, 922 Notre Dame Ave, Winnipeg, MB

Annual General Meeting

Held on Sep. 23, 2018, 5pm at the Home of Yuri Klaz